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(Source - Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)
(Source – Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)


Coming From a World an Aboslute Freedom, Artist Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

<Interviewer : Seungjae Oh / Interviewee : Jordy van den Nieuwendijk / Translator : Yoonji Park>


(Source - Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)
(Source – Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)



It seems as if you have different titles in addition to illustrator, including painter, designer and lecturer. Which title do you prefer the most? Could you give us a short introduction of yourself? 

As I have been drawing for a while and have gained quite some experience doing so I guess I feel most comfortable drawing. However, paintings is new to me, as it’s just been a few years since I started painting and therefor I am insecure, experimenting, searching and this is all very exciting! I have a degree in Graphic Design and when I do lectures or when I am teaching drawing class at the Royal Academy in The Hague I enjoy sharing this experience, knowledge, trying to get the most out of my students… As you might read in my answer I find it hard to pick…I’ve always found it hard to profile myself clearly.


This might seem like a simple question but it’s as important. What got you to start drawing? 

To be fair drawing was the only thing that kept my interest in pre school, drawing (and graffiti) got me through high school, and then studying drawing class and graphic design seemed like a good choice afterwards. It’s important to me that my parents always allowed me to do what I want and study what I want, they have always trusted me and pushed me in the right direction. 


What is the biggest inspiration source for your work? 

Mostly my environment, which I understand is not a clear answer, perhaps travelling? My girlfriend? I usually sketch a lot before I draw or paint anything, and if I go through these sketchbooks I find random objects, every day objects, lamps, cars, shoes, toilets, anything really.


(source :


There is a strong element of pop art in your work. Is there a specific artist that has influenced your work? If so, we would love to know the reasons. 

Not really someone specific, I mean of course there is Picasso, Matisse, all of the superstars in art in graphic design, maybe it’s all just one big sum of everything I have ever seen in my life so far. A drawing of my dad’s motorcycle. A painting of a flower I once photographed in France, A portrait of an old friend, simplified. My old Fiat Panda. 


A lot of your work is signified by the usage of primary colors. When did you start using mainly these colors? 

This must have been right after I finished art school, I just buried my alter ego during my final project, for which I organised a funeral and memorial service with my best friends, parents, family and teachers. It was scary, felt as a reset, and I started to simplify my lifework, and while doing so simplified my colour palette too. 



Hudson’s Bay The Limiteds – Jordy van den Nieuwendijk



What do you think of most importantly when drawing? 

The freedom. Drawing anything I want. Absolute freedom.


How do you spend your time when you’re not working on illustrations or drawings? 

Travelling, goofing around with my girlfriend, walking my dog, organise game nights with friends and play chess. 




You have participated as a visual merchandiser at the Lotte Duty Free Store last winter in Korea. Again, it seems like you have your hands on many different projects and we would like to know what type of work is your favorite to execute.

Any kind of assignment that allows me to play, that pulls something new out of me. I enjoy working together with any client that understand who I am and where I am going. I do not enjoy heartless repetition and often try to bring my work alive in a different way, try out something (slightly) different, as every assignment allows me to purify what I do, and profile myself the way I want.



There’s a lot of anticipation for this collaboration between LIFUL MINIMAL GARMENTS and Jordy. Were there specific elements in the brand LIFUL that have inspired you?

The enthusiasm, kindness and openness in the approach, the creative freedom I had and it was a pretty strong colour palette I could work with. 


Continuing on with the collaboration subject, is there a specific message or story you would like to spread through the combined work between the LIFUL and Jordy?

Perhaps playfulness, freedom, celebrate drawing together.


We are curious what your next steps are after the collaboration. Are there any projects we can look forward to? 

At this moment I am working on my exhibition at FISK gallery in Portland, Oregon.


People in Korea will be able to access your work more readily through this collaboration. Is there anything you would like to say to your Korean fans?

It’s still amazing to me that there are people at the other side of the world, in Korea that now get to see my work, as most of the time I feel I am just a guy that draws, that grew up in a small town in The Netherlands. Hi everyone!  hope I am able to visit soon!



(Source - Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)
(Source – Jordy van den Nieuwendijk)
@jvdnieuwendijk (Jordy van den Nieuwendijk) /
@jvdnieuwendijk (Jordy van den Nieuwendijk) 




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